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Eastern Pavilion began serving the Long Island community in 1992 and was considered the mecca of Chinese and Japanese Cuisine on the North Shore. EP is truly in a class of its own - due to the popularity and demand, the establishment has been Zagat and Michelin Guide rated numerous times since its conception. Additionally, it is one of the first and oldest Asians-Fusion restaurants on LI to succeed in a fine dining setting. 30 years later, reenvisioned and revitalized, EP will begin a new chapter under the leadership of the Lin Group - David, Jason, and Raymond Lin (the sons of the former owner Bao Lin).The brothers, with their combined 40+ year of experience and expertise in the hospitality and culinary industry, pledges to re-establish EP back to its former glory and re-consolidate it as one of the top restaurants on the North Shore. With EP, they look to bottle their experiences for a simple mission: to introduce a refined dining culture that is centered around you, the guests. 


The Lin Group teamed up with Head Chef Gan and Head Sushi Chef Tang to re-establish the identity of EP. At its core, EP is true to its’ Asian-Fusion roots, as the new menu will feature many of the Chinese and Japanese dishes born 3 decades ago. The team has re-perfected coveted menu items such as General Tso’s Chicken, Pei-King Duck, and James Rolls. In addition, the team will introduce true, authentic Asian styles to the North Shore community. Head Chef Gan’s flair with Szechwan cuisine imparts a higher level of sophistication to the EP menu through the addition of the deep, bold spicy flavors from Sichuan. On the Japanese side, Head Sushi Chef Tang’s innovated imagination, of seasonal ingredient pairing with premium sushi-grade seafood, bestow a true Omakase experience. The result of the two powerhouse chefs with the Lin brothers at the helm is a dining experience in a 5000 square feet modern luxury establishment that is nothing short of excellence.

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