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The Establishment 

Eastern Pavilion, a.k.a. EP, is a fine-dining Asian-Fusion restaurant on the beautiful North Shore of Long Island. 


Our 5,000 square feet, Art Deco-inspired establishment is your home away from home. ​

1st Floor 

8 person Omakase Sushi Bar 

80-90 person Dining Room 

Full Bar 

2 Private Outdoor Dining/Lounge Gardens

2nd Floor 

16-20 person Private Conference / Dining Room 

60-80 person Private Conference / Party Room (with full bar) 

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The cuisines 

EP is staying true to taste by continuing many of the Asian-Fusion recipes conceptualized in 1992. Entrees, such as General Tso's Chicken, Pei-King Duck, and The James Rolls, are the staple of EP, and will continue to be our bread and butter. 

In order to pay respect to our roots, we are extremely excited to introduce more traditional Asian cuisine concepts to the North Shore. 

From the kitchen, many new dishes are inspired by the Szechwan cuisine of the Sichuan Province. Szechwan mise en place entail using ingredients, like "The Five Fragrances," an abundance of garlic, and Szechwan pepper corn. The result - a deep and bold flavor with a spicy-kick. 

Behind the bamboo cutting board, we hope to inspire you with the Omakase philosophy. Omakase is the Japanese catchphrase for "I'll leave it up to you." This is a chef-curated, sophisticated experience impart by the innovative recipes by the team, based on seasonal availabilities of ingredients.


The Mission

EP is more than an updated fine dining Chinese & Japanese Cuisine located in the North Shore of Long Island. We are also more than an upgraded establishment with a modernized mise en scene. And lastly, if we provide anything less than high-quality food, all sourced from the U.S., in a freshly revamped menu then we will still have failed our mission. 


Our rejuvenated establishment presents a new culture that is centered around you, our guest. The EP team will provide nothing short of excellence in customer service, and our goal is to make you part of our family. Reciprocally, we hope to become a part of your family, and so we promise to contribute whenever we can. 


The combination of our unparalleled customer service, and our high-quality foods and drinks, all enjoyed in our modernized ambiance, along with our willingness to grow with the local community that will elevate and set new expectations for the total dining experience. This is not just our mission.

This is a guarantee. 

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